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Help for Ukrainian Refugees


We are just getting started - Update March 30,2022 -

In recent weeks, we have worked hard to move people to a better life from the Ukrainian border. With hundreds of refugees now in safety, more than 20,000 kilometers traveled, dozens of buses, vans, and ambulances dispatched, and countless lives touched, we feel that it is time to wind down our transportation ops. We are happy that large aid organizations and federal governments have stepped in and can provide safe transportation.

However, our mission continues, and we need your help! Millions of refugees are now settling into new lives across Europe. We aim to assist integration efforts by bringing together refugees from all walks of life and helping them adjust to life in Germany. To do that, we need to hear from as many Ukrainians as possible!

Please share this survey in your network - every response counts!
Ukrainian version: https://forms.gle/BopzrRjLGApsP69S6
English version: https://forms.gle/jGoNJTtn4yM4e99B6

We will be in touch with an update at the end of April. Until then, thank you for your continued support!

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